Private Instruction

Your voice is a perfectly designed instrument of communication, always ready to express your truth – if you allow it. We connect with other human beings by offering them our particular experience of this present moment. All we really need to do is BE, keep the channel of communication – i.e. the throat – open, and let our voices fly.

Often, when we perform, we decide ahead of time how we will sing a certain piece, how we will feel and how we will express those feelings in the song. This is simply false. It also makes us crazy wondering if we will (or did!) achieve what we planned! Paradoxically, it is infinitely more interesting to an audience if we openly express what’s true in the moment, even if it’s icky stuff like our fear or anxiety or self-judgment.

I’ve got some wonderful tools for integrating the present moment into a piece, and once you learn them, singing becomes play: every time you sing, you discover more about the song, more about yourself, and more about how they relate to each other. As an added bonus, that voice in your head that wonders if your singing is good/bad/tuneful/nice/pretty/smooth/whatever enough gets a LOT quieter or disappears altogether.

SingThis ‘No Perfection’ sign hangs in my studio, reminding singers to be human, truthful and playful. We breathe, we connect with our bodies, we commit to staying vocally open through the entire range of our moment-by-moment experience, and we weave that all together with song.

I’m a Certified Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework® and teach at my studio in North Vancouver in the Lower Lonsdale area. Please visit for more information on the technique I use. Contact me to book lessons.