A new season

13 Sep

Yes, it’s really Fall now, and not just because the rain has arrived and the days are getting darker and cozier; my child is in Kindergarten. It’s a bit of a shock, but we’re adjusting, and I sure love being able to teach and record during the day. I’m doing a lot of learning tracks […]

Teach, learn, repeat

13 Aug

What a summer! I spent a great weekend teaching at the annual Harmony College Northwest in beautiful Tacoma, Washington in July, and got some rave reviews: ‘Best rhythm class I have ever had’ and ‘Excellent classes and instructor’ were among them. Nice, eh? A week at Harmony University in St. Joseph, Missouri filled up my […]


13 Jun

Wow! I just posted my 100th set of learning tracks on the site!! Thank you so much for your support as I’ve been building my business. Many of you have referred your friends to me, and I really appreciate it. I love making tracks, and I’m so pleased to hear that your choruses and quartets find them […]