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'Tis the season for Sister Grinch!

Wackier & Wonderfuller Warmups

Don't just warm up your voice, exercise those tiny muscles for better vocal function. Want power? Got it. Ease? No problem. Smooth passagio? Yes indeed! Get them here.

Use It, Don't Lose It Webinar

These exercises will help keep all the little muscles of your vocal apparatus in good shape even if you're not singing regularly. Available as a 90 minute webinar. Contact me to book this session for your chorus.

Snow Day wins composition award!

'We at SMP Press and the composers and promotional and editorial teams at Universal Edition are excited to notify you that your piece, "'Snow Day (SSAA)," has been selected as a runner-up in the choral contemporary music category of the 2019 SMP Press Composition Competition.' Listen here!