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A new season

Yes, it’s really Fall now, and not just because the rain has arrived and the days are getting darker and cozier; my child is in Kindergarten. It’s a bit of a shock, but we’re adjusting, and I sure love being able to teach and record during the day. I’m doing a lot of learning tracks – nearly 100 on the site now! – and I’m getting faster and better at it, and learning to sing better all the time.

In fact, just this morning, Jim Clancy himself (multi-gold medalist Director of the Vocal Majority in Texas) said he’d recommend me to anyone needing tracks of one of his arrangements. Nice, eh?

Last weekend I coached the lovely Island Phoenix chorus in Campbell River, BC, and had a delightful time. My favourite way to coach is to teach each person individually, and since this group was small, they all watched (and sometimes participated in) each other’s lessons. I’ll be doing the same in Calgary in the New Year, and I’d be delighted to travel to where YOU are, too!

Check out my Voice Instruction page to find out about my teaching philosophy – maybe you or your group want to skip down the path to wonderful?

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