Interested in the intersection of voicework and Somatic Experiencing? Check out the Vaporize Your Butterflies webinar. Coming soon: Use It Or Lose It, a webinar on maintaining supple vocal function under stress. 


My vocal workshops involve deep physical release work to untangle us from our habitual patterns of breath, movement and voice, followed by integration of present-moment impulses into the body and voice for connected, truthful expression. I use a combination of my favourite techniques from many disciplines, but draw mostly on Fitzmaurice Voicework® and Somatic Experiencing.

The Performance Energy Workshop is a one-day exploration for releasing old tensions and discovering the ease of your authentic voice.

Using both Fitzmaurice Voicework and Somatic Experiencing techniques, we will explore the relationship between the autonomic nervous system and the challenge of performance. We’ll experience physical release of body and breath, vibration and resonance, the energy of connection, empathy and vulnerability, and the power of truth in the moment.

The Being Aloud Workshop is an intense exploration over a full weekend offering profound, lasting changes. It’s a ‘deep dive’ into breath and expression including exploration of:
-releasing tension in body and breath
-singing through BIG emotions including vulnerability
-managing stage fright/anxiety
-identifying and engaging the right muscles for communication
-being present in your body, in the moment, in the journey of the music
-enjoying the freedom of Being Aloud!

If you’re interested in a different length of workshop contact me and we can work together to create an offering that will suit your group.


I’m a certified Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework® (FV) and have been teaching singing privately for 19 years. My specialty is the intersection between excellent technique and expressive performance: released, spontaneous breathing that supports artistic singing. This kind of breathing is not a skill to be learned; it is an undoing of learned patterns of breath management we have all adopted as part of becoming socialized beings. FV features a collection of physical activities collectively called destructuring that release tension at its physiological root and allow truly released breathing. Destructuring is then followed by restructuring: the decision to use particular muscles for communication, to interact with the environment and other people, and to feel the movement of the voice throughout the entire body. Both destructuring and restructuring can be touched upon in an evening’s rehearsal and have immediate positive effects on both a group’s sound and its expression.

Would you like to explore how your group can discover its expressive potential? Email me.