Zoom Offerings

$75 Special
In 45 minutes your group will release tension, access greater breath capacity and ease, and build resonance and vibration throughout the entire body using an integrated set of physical and vocal warmups. Book here.

Use It, Don’t Lose It
Is your voice not quite working the way you’re used to lately? You’re not alone, and it doesn’t have to be that way. This webinar gives you a set of exercises based on up-to-date vocal research that will keep your breath easy and your voice supple during times of stress and uncertainty. Book here.
$10/person (negotiable for large groups) for a 90 minute webinar.

Authentic Performance
We know we’re supposed to be authentic when we perform, but what does that mean and how do we do it?? In this 45 minute session you’ll explore how paying attention to different parts of your experience affects what an audience perceives. Minimal lecturing, a clear framework and lots of participation make this a fun, useful and paradigm-shifting addition to your rehearsal. Book here.

Vaporize Your Butterflies Webinar
Do you experience stage fright or nervousness that keeps you from having your best voice onstage? This 50 minute webinar explains what is happening in the body when we’re nervous and why, and gives tools for getting into the right state for performing. Book here.
$10/person (negotiable for large groups).

Shake It Off Webinar
Building on the Vaporize Your Butterflies webinar, you’ll learn a set of physical exercises designed to release fight-or-flight energy and increase nervous system regulation over time to support the heightened emotional states necessary for performing.
$10/person (negotiable for large groups).

Optimal Performance Series
Hand your rehearsals over to me for a month! (You can even join with another chorus or two to split the cost.) Each week we’ll spend 2 hours on a balanced program of:

Destructuring – physical exercises to release habitual tension patterns and access free, easy breathing
Restructuring – vocal exercises to build full-body resonance, intention and direction, and greater vibration
Nervous System Regulation – strategies for managing nervousness and accessing the optimal performance state
Play – games to build spontaneity, creativity and authenticity
$750 for the whole series

Contact me to book sessions for your ensemble.