About Donya

Donya MetzgerMy Training

I’m a Certified Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework® and have a BFA in Dance from Simon Fraser University. I’ve always been fascinated with looking at the voice through the lens of the body and have explored many kinesthetic approaches to singing. Ultimately I’m interested in how your voice feels to you, not how it sounds to me. Invariably, I find that the better your voice feels to you, the better it sounds on the outside – but the difference in intention gives you and your experience more power and importance throughout the process.

My Experience

I come from a very musical family, deeply entrenched in a cappella singing. My first passion was dancing, and I spent 20 years studying ballet, jazz, Ukrainian folk, and Contemporary. In my twenties I discovered Musical Theatre – the perfect marriage of singing and dancing! During that time I also experienced some vocal trauma in the form of a tiny node on one of my vocal folds, which encouraged me to re-examine my vocal habits and technique. I followed my curiosity about body-based voice techniques including Alexander Technique and Linklater Method, and finally found Fitzmaurice Voicework® (FV), which changed my life. It had always been clear to me that to sing well I needed to release tension, but no way of ‘relaxing’ ever made a significant difference until I discovered FV, which uses the body’s own physiological responses to release deeply held tensions and even trauma in order to release the breath, body and voice. To find out more about FV please visit the Fitzmaurice Voicework website.

What To Expect

A typical hour-long lesson includes some physical activities designed to release tension and allow free, spontaneous breathing (called destructuring in FV) followed by exercises in vocalizing that explore communication, including the decision to use particular muscles to support the voice, awareness of internal sensations, and the connection to self, other and the environment (called restructuring in FV). This work involves movement and floorwork and is best done wearing soft, comfortable clothes without belts, buckles or rivets that allow freedom of movement. This work is helpful for those who:

  • want greater body awareness
  • want more vocal ease, power and presence
  • want to access deeper expression
  • want to explore the relationship between tension, trauma, breath and voice
  • want to extend good technical singing into vibrant, connected, authentic performance

My studio is in North Vancouver, easily accessible via transit. Email me to arrange a lesson.