…amazing vocal coach, arranger, composer, director and learning track maker!

Donya is a fantastic singing teacher.

Your voice makes it so easy.

I have not been able to breathe like this in twenty years. I feel so alive!

You have beautiful learning tracks! I am so happy I found your website.

Your tracks are superb.

I just have to tell you how amazing it is to listen and learn off your tracks! …you make all your own overtones with ease in every part!

Your learning tracks are so beautifully done. Your voice is heaven sent!

Your learning tracks are SO good. Always 100% accurate, and your vocal style is such an ideal model it truly reinforces proper technique in the learning process.

We LOVE your learning tracks!

Donya is beyond amazing. Her free style and approach bring out the best in you.

We LOVE your song! And we LOVE singing it!

Amazing learning tracks.

Never heard the chorus sing that way, and it was nothing short of glorious!

Your tracks are the best vocal tool we’ve ever had!

I was totally blown away by how good Hayley’s voice is getting. That, to me, was a highlight.

…a notch above any (classes) we’ve taken.

Your learning tracks encourage the appropriate timbre for female voices…accurate, yet , fluid and devoid of constriction…great for any skill level.

…listeners can tell that you love your job. Joyous!

Accurate and a pleasure to listen to.

…the best coaching we have ever had.

Your tracks are how I aspire to sing.

‘I find myself invoking your techniques and deep, embodied approach at points in every rehearsal.’

‘we LOVE your tracks!’

‘…your fun song, “Brand New Shoes”… had many positive comments on it from judges as well as audience members.’

I have to say that my chorus learns faster from your tracks than anyone else’s.

Thanks for putting tracks out there that we can actually imagine ourselves singing!

Your tracks are so easy to sing with. We can get inside of your sound.