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Learn like a teacher, teach like a learner

I love it when a singer asks me, ‘How many lessons will it take?’

I chuckle a bit to myself and wonder if they want the truth or some tidy answer. ’17’, perhaps I should say. The truth is, learning to sing is a lifelong process. For me, learning to teach is certainly lifelong, and the more I teach, the better I sing. Every time a singer lands in my studio, it’s my job to figure out – in my body– what they’re doing, and then teachmyself how to make a better/healthier/more expressive choice, and then offer them experiences that will help them discover the feeling of that choice. Whenever I take a lesson or attend a workshop, my immediate question is ‘how can I best teach this experience to others?’

I learn like a teacher, and teach like a learner! I love being able to move between the two activities and find ways to integrate them into an upward spiral.

This summer, I’m excited to be doing lots of both. I’m coaching in California, teaching at Harmony College Northwest, and then taking a 5-day Fitzmaurice Voicework Conference in Vancouver, and planning some coaching back East later in the season. I’m hoping to hold a Free Body, Free Voice Workshop in Vancouver as well as continuing my regular private instruction through July and August.

Drop me a line if you’re interested in private lessons (7 for $329 in July and August!), the Free Body, Free Voice Workshop, or some coaching.

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