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Now that contest is over…

The lashes are off, the costumes are put away, and thousands of singers left their hearts (and a few sequins!) on the stage. After that week in paradise, it can be a bit rough to return to the chill of winter and our regular routines. But, it’s the perfect time to cozy up and celebrate with some new Christmas tunes! So…

All the Christmas music in my library is on sale until the end of November! You’re sure to find some beautiful, fun pieces there, and of course they’ll be quick and easy to learn. Remember that iconic performance of Little Drummer Boy and Peace On Earth by Bing Crosby and David Bowie? Here’s Joey Minshall’s beautiful arrangement of the same. If you want a delicious challenge, have a look at Nutcracker Jingles arranged by Joan D’Agostino. If you’d like some more suggestions or want to hear any full mixes, email me!

Thanks to all of you who came by my booth at Harmony Bazaar to say hello! I know many of your names, and it was lovely to meet you in person and get to know your faces.

Wishing you a smooth re-entry into ‘real life’. Happy Singing!

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