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On acceptance

Accepting yourself – and your voice! – as they are right now allows you to relax a bit, and paradoxically, this provides some lubricant for change. Take down the walls of judgment and suddenly there’s a lot more room for movement! Check out these ideas:

There is no one in the world who sounds quite like you. Therefore…
Your voice is a unique gift. Therefore…
It’s utterly unnecessary to EVER compare your voice to another. Therefore…

Why not delight in the voice you have? Doesn’t it *feel* marvelous? (If not, okay… but that’s something you can learn, and I can help you!)

Delighting in the sensations of your own voice puts you in a position of play, rather than work, and that’s where the magic happens. Everything is possible in the spirit of Play.

Try this!
All bubbling/lip trilling is not created equal. The layrnx and tongue are connected at the hyoid bone, so they always influence each other’s behaviour, but there is a way to un-learn any ‘bunching’ that you might have in that area. To maximize the practice of releasing your tongue and larynx from each other, try bubbling with an ‘ee’ vowel inside; this naturally raises the tongue into it’s highest position, away from the larynx. At the same time, aim for a yawny, dopey sound that drops the larynx. This sensation of space between the tongue and larynx will serve you well throughout your range.

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