Learning Tracks FAQ

Q. Can I buy the full mix of a song?
A. I send them for free! Email me with your requests.

Q. I bought a set of tracks and it doesn’t match the music I have. Help!
A. It is always my goal to have tracks match the published sheet music, but there are some cultural practices in the Barbershop world that make this a challenge:
-arrangers sometimes change a chart over time, so multiple versions exist
-directors will often tweak a chart to make it fit their singers better
-sometimes I don’t know if either of those things is happening, and I record the music as it lands on my desk.
It’s really important to me to make sure you have tracks that are useful to you, so I will do everything possible to connect you with music that matches your tracks.

Q. How long does it take to get a custom set of tracks?
A. It depends on demand; sometimes just a couple weeks, sometimes several months. There are predictable busy times (like right after contest when many people are looking for new music) and less busy times (the couple months leading up to contests). The more lead time you have, the better, so plan ahead.

Q. How much does a custom set cost?
A. It starts at $200USD for a 4-part song of regular length and difficulty. I give a firm quote once I see the music.

Q. Some track producers include part-alone and part-missing tracks. Can I get those from you?
A. I mix my tracks so you can achieve all these options! Each track is mixed with the featured part louder and panned all the way to the left; that means you hear that part in your left earbud or speaker and the other three parts in the right. If you want a part-alone track, just listen to only the L earbud or change the L-R balance (in a car, for example) all the way left. For a part-missing track, listen to just the R earbud or change the balance all the way right. (If you are having a custom set of tracks made and want separate mixes, I can create those for a small fee.)

Q. Can you make a recording with my exact interpretation?
A. Yes! The best way I have found is for you to record a *spoken* interp track with all the breaths and dynamics you want, and then I record the Lead track exactly to match that. If you’d like me to work from a recording of your group I can approximate it, but it won’t be exact.

Q. Can I mark the music with the breaths and dynamics I want?
A. Yes! Please do! The more information there is on the music, the more I can include in my recording.

Q. I have this old handwritten chart, can you make tracks from it?
A. I can, but your singers will have a much easier time if you give them a clean copy. Best to have someone put it into a notation program like Finale.