Original Music

This space is dedicated to original a cappella music. Have a listen in the media players and click the song title to buy both arrangement and learning tracks. Contact me for further info.

A Dress With Pockets Contestable, easy breezy uptune about the joys of a dress with pockets.

Brand New Shoes Contestable uptune with a fun message – and a dare to go barefoot onstage!

Every Time I Join My Sisters in a Song All about the joy of singing together, this could be the next ‘How We Sang Today’! Written and arranged by Paul Olguin.

Harmony Singalong SSAA With an easy 16 bar chorus you can teach your audience quickly, this piece is designed as a singalong! The body of the song features clever solos for each voice part that also gently educate about how Barbershop music works. At the pinnacle of the song, all four solos are satisfyingly layered together! Follow that with the singalong chorus twice and then two tag options: regular and stratospheric.

Harmony Singalong SATB/TTBB Coming soon!

I Might Love You… Soon 4-part treble arrangement, not for contest. *Premiered by the 2012 International Chorus Champs, The Melodeers. Also sung by 2017 Queens, Frenzy.

Snow Day Secular holiday song filled with images of the first snow of a season. Easy with some mildly zesty chord progressions. Not for contest.

Strolling Through London Original, Gershwin-flavoured piece with a lot of jazz flavour. Will be a delicious challenge for a skilled group, though not rangey. Not for contest.

Surfer Guy Original character-driven comedic show piece by the masterful Paul Olguin.

Uncorked 4-part treble voicing, not for contest. Difficult, crunchy jazz.