Original Music

This space is dedicated to original a cappella music. Have a listen in the media player, and click the song title to buy both arrangement and learning tracks. Contact me for further info.


A Dress With Pockets Contestable, easy breezy uptune about the joys of a dress with pockets.

Brand New Shoes Contestable uptune with a fun message – and a dare to go barefoot onstage!

Every Time I Join My Sisters in a Song All about the joy of singing together, this could be the next ‘How We Sang Today’! Written and arranged by Paul Olguin.

I Might Love You… Soon 4-part women’s arrangement, not for contest. *Premiered by the 2012 International Chorus Champs, The Melodeers. Also sung by 2017 Queens, Frenzy.

Snow Day Secular holiday song filled with images of the first snow of a season. Easy with some mildly zesty chord progressions. Not for contest.

Strolling Through London Original, Gershwin-flavoured piece with a lot of jazz flavour. Will be a delicious challenge for a skilled group, though not rangey. Not for contest.

Surfer Guy Original character-driven comedic show piece by the masterful Paul Olguin.

Uncorked 4-part women’s voicing, not for contest. Difficult, crunchy jazz.