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What would you choose?

How would you sing if you knew that the audience felt everything you felt? If they breathed with you, moved with you, danced with you?

What if they also felt all the worry, the trying, the fixing, the conscious shaping of vowels and crisping of consonants? The *obsessing*?

How would you choose to sing?

Aiming for pleasure is one of my favourite starting points. Allowing yourself to breathe freely allows your listeners the same luxury. Creating resonance because it feels great gives your audience the same buzz. Relishing the taste of the words is a delicious offering to those hearing them. Moving with your own sensuality lets people feel good in their own skin.

Beginning from pleasure roots your experience in play, and playfulness is magnetic. From there you can explore a multitude of emotions, and take your audience on the ride with you, knowing that you will always arrive home safely at pleasure.

Please share! We all need more play. 

1 thought on “What would you choose?

  1. This is great advice! I for one, am taking it to heart
    Paula Shuff

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