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Create a chorus of possibilities

August 28, 2012

I love starting a new season with my chorus each fall. There’s a freshness, an excitement about seeing each other and learning new music. There’s an air ofpossibility. 

I love asking ‘what is possible?’ The mind can come up with wonderful things if it is allowed to meander around in the realm of possibility. A few months ago, I wondered if I could spend a month in Los Angeles getting a Fitzmaurice Voicework teaching certification. A few months before that, I wondered if I could swing a trip to Portland to the International Barbershop Convention and then zip down to California to do some coaching. A few months before that, I wondered if I could write a contestable barbershop uptune for women.

The answers were all YES, and I think that’s worth celebrating!

What’s possible for you and your chorus? My goal is to give you and your singers learning tools for creating possibilities – learning tracks featuring effortless singing and gentle interpretation for flexible artistry – so I’m offering a sweet deal, good until Labour Day:

ANY TWO SETS of learning tracks for $75!

You can get as many as you like in multiples of two, and their original cost doesn’t matter. Want Joey Minshall’s fantastic mashup of Amazing-I Gotta Feeling-Firework with Renee Craig’s 8-part arrangement of Celebration? Sure! You can have both for $75! (That’s a savings of $200!)

Just email me with your selections and we’ll create a season of possibility for your chorus.

And psst… keep your eyes open for that new contestable uptune! Coming soon!

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